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Dog Robot Tumbler Puzzle Toy for Smart Feed

Dog Robot Tumbler Puzzle Toy for Smart Feed

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Unlock Your Pet's Potential: Enhance IQ, Reduce Boredom, and Promote Well-being

Indulge your beloved pets with the Interactive Cat and Dog Toy Pet Tumbler. This innovative toy combines playtime, mental stimulation, and slow feeding to create an unforgettable experience for your furry friends. The intelligent robot tumbler design ensures it remains upright even with your pet's enthusiastic pushes, extending their eating time and amusement. Watch as your pet's IQ improves while they engage with the interactive puzzle, moving it with their nose or paw to uncover treats. With this toy, you can promote active and healthy slow feeding, protecting your pet's stomach and overall well-being. Say goodbye to boredom and destructive behavior, and say hello to a happier, healthier pet.


  • Intelligent Robot Tumbler: The rolling balance system keeps the toy standing upright, providing endless entertainment for your pet without the need for electricity.
  • IQ Improvement: Interactive puzzle design allows pets to use their nose or paw to move the toy, enhancing their IQ and coordination skills.
  • Gastrointestinal Health: Fill the toy with your pet's favorite treats to encourage active and healthy slow feeding, protecting their stomach and promoting better digestion.
  • Playtime Enthusiasm: Replace boring rubber toys and chew sticks with this interactive pet tumbler, inspiring your pet's enthusiasm for learning and reducing destructive behaviour.


  • Material: Strong ABS (safe and non-toxic)
  • Suitable for: Small to medium-sized dogs and cats of all sizes
  • Treat Size: Treats or grains should be smaller than 1.2cm (0.5 inches) in diameter to fit through the leak holes
  • Usage: Not suitable for domineering dogs; rinse with warm soapy water after use; do not use as a chew toy
  • Multifunctional: Toy car, thumb pick, and fun pet feeder all in one
  • Anti-overturn Design: Self-balancing system ensures the toy remains stable even during swinging movements
  • Transparent Barn Lid: Flip-type lid for easy addition of pet food or treats
  • Pet Feeder Toy: Promotes mental stimulation and provides rewards for playtime
  • Relieves Anxiety: Keeps pets active, engaged, and entertained, reducing anxiety and boredom
  • Improve Intelligence: Enhances brain development and IQ through rewarding play
  • Move by Gravity: The toy moves back and forth with light pushes from your pet
  • Suitable for Dogs and Cats: A versatile toy that appeals to both furry friends

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