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Automatic Fountain Pet Drink Bowl

Automatic Fountain Pet Drink Bowl

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Quench Their Thirst, Touch Their Hearts

Introducing the Automatic Fountain Pet Drink Bowl, an automatic and heart-touching solution to ensure your beloved cats stay hydrated. This innovative fountain combines functionality and elegance, featuring a multi-level design that entices cats to drink more water and maintain their well-being. With a built-in filter element and USB interface, this dispenser offers a convenient and healthy way to provide clean, flowing water for your feline friends.


  • Encourages Hydration: The multi-level design of the water fountain entices cats to drink more water, ensuring they stay properly hydrated and healthy.

  • Filtered and Clean: The included filter element purifies the water, removing impurities and providing clean, fresh drinking water for your pets.

  • Fun and Inviting Design: The fountain's smooth surface and a continuous stream of water make it an interactive toy for your cats, inviting them to play and explore while staying hydrated.

  • Convenient USB Interface: The USB interface allows for easy and hassle-free powering, making it compatible with various power supply standards for global usability.


  • Item Type: Pets Cat Water/Food Bowl
  • Capacity: 2.4L
  • Material: Food-grade ABS material
  • Applicable Objects: Dogs and Cats

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