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Electric Toy Mouse Ball

Electric Toy Mouse Ball

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Unleash the excitement with our interactive electric toy for cats!

The Electric Toy Mouse Ball is a captivating and heartwarming toy designed to fulfill your cat's natural hunting instincts. With this innovative toy, your beloved feline can scratch its hunting itch in a controlled and non-destructive manner.

It provides the necessary physical and mental stimulation for a healthy and happy cat while allowing them to create their own positive experiences. Part of our enrichment product line, this electric toy mouse ball is an essential tool for keeping your cat occupied and satisfied.


  • Mimics Natural Hunting: The Electric Toy Mouse Ball replicates the thrill of hunting for mice, satisfying your cat's instinctual needs in a controlled environment.
  • Interactive and Engaging: This toy encourages chasing and pouncing, providing endless entertainment for your feline friend.
  • Constructive Play: With our electric toy, your cat can stay occupied in a non-destructive way, channeling their energy into positive experiences.
  • Enrichment for a Healthy Cat: Our product offers both mental and physical stimulation, keeping your cat active and content while allowing them some control over their environment.


  • Smart Device: No
  • Material: Plastic
  • Toys Type: Automatic Ball Launcher

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