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Dog Toothbrush Toy

Dog Toothbrush Toy

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Clean teeth, wagging tails: Dog Toothbrush Toy makes dental care fun for dogs!

Discover the innovative DOG TOOTHBRUSH TOY ™️, a game-changer in canine dental care. This interactive rubber chew toy is designed to clean your dog's teeth, prevent plaque and tartar build-up, and provide endless entertainment. Made from durable and non-toxic natural rubber, this toothbrush toy is perfect for dogs of all sizes, from small to large. Fill it with your pet's favorite snacks for added fun and stimulation. With DOG TOOTHBRUSH TOY ™️, dental care becomes a playful experience that your furry friend will love, resulting in fresher breath and a healthier smile.


  • Advanced Teeth Cleaning: Effectively cleans teeth and prevents plaque and tartar build-up for optimal oral health.
  • Durable and Non-Toxic: Made from high-quality natural rubber, this toy is tough, healthy, and puncture-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Interactive Puzzle Design: The special design allows you to stuff the toy with pet snacks, providing mental stimulation and hours of entertainment.
  • IQ Training and Chew Toy: Doubles as an IQ training toy for cats and puppy dogs and serves as a fetch play ball for outdoor games. It helps redirect their chewing behavior and keeps them away from destructive habits.


  • Material: Non-toxic natural rubber
  • Sizes available: Small (ball diameter: 5cm) and Large (ball diameter: 7cm)
  • Suitable for: Cats, puppies, small dogs, medium dogs, and even large dogs with aggressive chewing tendencies
  • Ideal for: Teeth cleaning, treatment dispensing, interactive play, and mental stimulation
  • Recommended for: Small and big powerful chewers, ensuring durability and longevity.

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